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          Michail Bogdanov has made this page available in the Belarusian language

          The PICList is a collection of people interested in the Microchip PIC andother similar processors who have joined the PICList@MIT.EDU mailing list.

          This web site is anFAQand archive for the email listwhich was started, and is still maintained, by James Newton who was a formerlist member and admin for several years. Mr. Newton is (as of 2008/06/0919:20) no longer an administrator for the PICList mailing list and is inno way responsible for its content. This web site is part of the largermassmind collection. The site is huge(~3GB), and not fully indexed by Google or any other search engine, but canbe fully searched (slowly) here:


          Useful FAQ sections:

          How to Join, Manage or Leave the MIT PICList email list.

          If you are new, read the List Introduction, below,especially the parts about Topics and how tocompose a post that will allow us to help you.

          Please avoid unnecessary list traffic by reviewing theFAQ andsearching thearchive before posting. Thank you.

          Join, Manage or Leave the email list from the MIT mailman page at:
          http://mailman.mit.edu/mailman/listinfo/piclistAdditional assistance is available in the Full ListManual

          HALL OF FAME! Support the PICList

          If you have enjoyed the PICList and learned from it or used designs and ideasposted by its members, please consider supporting thePICList by honoring its major contributorswith a small donation or a word of thanks. Many contributors are professionalconsultants who are well known for their excellent work.

          PICList Quick FAQ

          Q : How do I join / use the PICList?

          A : Step by step:

          You may not see your message echoed on the PIClist, and it may take morethan a day before anyone responds since most people only read their PICListmail once a day and they are all over the world. If no one responds aftera few days, read the rest of this page,  and Myke Predko'sgeneral list guidelines atwww.piclist.com/../listguide,  rethink yourpost and add a "Nobody responded to my last post, what am I doing wrong?"to the beginning and send it again.

          If you decide to leave, you may unsubscribe at thePICList Mailmanpage

          Q: What are these [PIC] and [OT] things in the subject lines?What are Topics?

          The PICList uses topics and topic filtering to try to allow a greater rangeof discussion while still respecting the fact that many hardcore engineers,who are valuable resources to the list, may have little time to read offtopic posts and need a reliable way to filter them out so that they can spendwhat time they have concentrating on the topic they are most interested in.Despite our name, the PICList also hosts discussions related to other embeddedcontrollers.

          Topic tags must be at the start of the subject line and enclosed in brackets"[" and "]". For example, the current topics are:

          [PIC] Should be at the start of the subject line for most postings to thePICList. This says that a PIC microcontroller (or clone) is directly involved,connected or the entire subject of the post. Any person who works with PICswould want to read it...
          [SX] Items specific to the Scenix SX microcontrollers
          [AVR] Items specific to the Atmel AVR microcontrollers
          [ARM] Items specific to ARM microcontrollers
          [EE] The doing of EE that you can do yourself. Power stations go into TECHunless it's a power station that you can build. So too eg Magnetohydrodynamicsetc. Windmill alternators and related systems and alternate energy at thedoing level go into EE. Windfarms into TECH. etc
          [TECH] About technology, Engineering other than EE, science hard stuff. NOTthe philosophy of science in any depth. New discoveries in QM, cosmologyetc are fine. Almost anything that gets a long thread that diverges can probablyevolve into OT once people know it exists. Those who care can follow it.eg Global Warming is TECH at the latest discoveries level but not discussionsof "An inconvenient truth" or "The great global warming swindle" etc. Thismay rate an occasional mention in TECH but long ramblings can go to OT.
          [BUY] People looking for parts, equipment, or consultants will use this topic.
          [AD] This is for advertisements of a commercial product or service. Don'tspam, do post [AD]!
          [OT] This label is for posts that are completely off the topic ofengineering/technology. The only things we don't ever want to see arereligious/metaphysical, sex, hate, or political messages.

          If you don't use one of these, other people will not see your posts. Peoplewho are interested only in the PIC itself listen to [PIC], people who arealso interested in general engineering issues still listen to [PIC] and alsolisten to [EE] and people who are also interested in anything PICListershave to say also listen to [OT]. People who are interested in buying or sellingalso listen to [BUY] and [AD].

          So: Please pick ONE that matches the subject of your post and type it atthe start of the subject line and then continue. Putting a topic tag in,filters the post IN to that topic rather than filtering it OUT of the othertopics. Ok? Let me say that again...

          Putting a topic tag in, filters the post IN to that topic.

          The point of this is that it will reduce the likelihood of people postingcomments about the space program with [PIC] at the start of the subject line.It also breaks up the PICList in to "Channels" where each topic can be turnedon or off with a command to the list server. If you are very busy, then youcan only turn on the [PIC] channel and turn the others off. Just tell thelist server to only send [PIC] topics by changing your Mailman options atthe PICList Mailmanpage.

          See also:


          Post your questions to the QUESTIONS page. Pleasedo NOT post questions here.





































































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